April 2015 Tips & Updates

1.  If you want the most money out of your house when selling, it doesn’t take much.  Fresh paint, new carpet, power wash outside, and the most important area is landscaping.Bottom line:  Research shows, that buyers make purchases based on their emotional experiences, and that first impression is the hook, line, and sinker.

2.  If the roof on your house is old, and it appears to not be in good shape, you have options.  You could pay for a roofer to give you a 5-year ‘roof certification.’  If the roofer cannot certify the roof, you can obtain a quote so that you are ahead of the game.Bottom line:  You want to be in the driver’s seat for the entire time, during the transaction period.

Updates:1.  What is different during this “boom” is that we have a lot of cash buyers, no zero down or risky loans, buyers are more cautious about waiving home inspections and risky contingencies, and less frenzy from the media.

Bottom line:  Home buyers are not feeling like they are missing out as before, and they are frustrated and very tired. 

2.  Local rents are increasing so high that it is forcing millennials (and many others) to buy houses.  Rents have risen so much that it simply makes sense to purchase.

Bottom line:  Rates are low, rents are high, our local economy is very strong, and we are very close to 2007 price points.