March 2015

5 Reasons to Live in The Seattle Area

 Economy Seattle is one of the top cities for job seekers, and it is because of the diverse sectors of industry Seattle has to offer.  Companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, University of Washington, Boeing, Nordstrom, US Defense Department, and not…

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Are You a Savvy Seller?

3 Top Selling Tips To Save You Money! Let’s face it…  Owning a home is one of the greatest freedoms one could possibly obtain.  And if you’re lucky enough to own in a seller’s market, you not only have freedom,…

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Are You A  Savvy Homebuyer?

4 Tips On How To Save Money! Let’s be honest…  It costs a lot of money just to be alive in our modern day busy lives, never mind trying to also purchase a home. This will be one of the…

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The Value of Pricing Your Property Correctly

Congratulations, on the upcoming sale of your property! A major concern for you, like most sellers, is how much you stand to gain from the sale of your home. Important in determining just how much you will receive from this…

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